Package net.suberic.crypto

Interface Summary
EncryptionKey An extension to that knows about the EncryptionUtils that created it, as well as has some display info associated.
EncryptionKeyManager This manages a set of Encryption keys for use with PGP or S/MIME.
PGPProviderImpl Something which decrypts PGP streams.

Class Summary
ByteArrayDataSource A DataSource based off of a byte array.
EncryptionManager Manager for the JavaMail Encryption package.
EncryptionUtils Utilities for encrypting/decrypting messages.
MimeUtils Utilities for handling Mime messages from JavaMail.
MultipartEncrypted A subclass of MimeMultipart which allows for a custom content type.
PGPEncryptionUtils Utilities for encrypting/decrypting messages.
UpdatableMBP A MimeBodyPart that allows for updateHeaders() to be called.